Snowstorm yesterday

16 Jan ’18

Just amazing to bike in.

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13 Dec ’17

Yesterday evening. Kids go out and sing Christmas songs. They stand still for like 30 minutes or so, which is not too bad if you have loads of layers on you to keep you warm. But they were to represent herders and Santa claus, …. No winter jacket to keep them warm. So you have to be creative. And the songs…. they were really good. Probably the best I’ve heard over the years!!!


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Week 4

25 Jan ’15

Big thing this week: the kids are on ice. And that’s not a reference to they are on drugs or anything. They just love ice skating!!!! Can’t get enough of it (I know…. there were some pictures last week as well). They would probably skip school all together if they were allowed to go skating non-stop. So….. Zeb started ice hockey on Saturday and Milla figure skating. I guess we’ll only see the inside of ice-halls now for a while.




The second biggest thing this week: we got a dump load of snow again on Saturday. Big amounts and the perfect temperature so it was super sticky. Snowmen and igloos to be build!!!


As you can see it started already a bit on Friday morning:




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Snow White

6 Feb ’13


We had some decent weather the last couple of days. And that means the temperatures were just above 0°C. But last night, mother Nature decided something else again. This is how it looked like this morning on the bike. All white again.

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Snow Again

10 Jan ’13

Snow Again

It was to be expected. Raining the whole week, temperatures dropping slowly but steady. It’s gonna turn into snow eventually. But I prefer this over rain (biking wise).


Spring …. Snow ??!!

3 May ’11

Wrong, wrong, WRONG !!!! My last post was about spring and how nice it was gonna be. Let me tell you, it was a very nice and warm week with 20°C, running around in T-shirt and shorts. But then we woke up this morning and guess what:

Yip, it snowed again…. But I hope it will change as quickly again to last week’s climate.


Another Surprise

12 Jan ’11

We had another dump of snow overnight. And by the looks of it, there was no wind when it came down. It just looks so beautiful. And I wonder how much longer this will last ? Don’t get me wrong, I love this kind of weather, and if it is up to me we will have this for another month or 2.

Taken this morning when I left daycare in our old hood.

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White Lane

10 Dec ’10

Yesterday afternoon … our old street … when we went to daycare where they had a play evening with the parents.

Good fun to sit with your kids and see what they do there. It was a bit crazy with so many people in there. Especially when some parents come over with the whole family.

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That’s how it’s supposed to be

9 Dec ’10

We got another dump of snow last night. About 10 to 15 cm. I just love it !!!

And I thought 11 years ago when I moved to Sweden that this would be a typical Swedish winter. But that turned out to be a huge disappointment. A typical winter in Gothenburg is just windy, a lot of rain and temperatures just above freezing. Meaning horrible!

I hope that this year will be a trend setter. And we cross our fingers that it will still be white in 2 weeks time.

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29 Nov ’10

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Survivors of White

25 Nov ’10

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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

23 Nov ’10

We had snow again this weekend, so we prentended is was Xmas…

In case you are wondering where this was taken, just at the back of our garden. We have a bit of forest there.

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