The making of a bathroom and bedroom

30 Jun ’17

Colors again

13 Oct ’16


Over confident

11 Oct ’16


Pokémon hunting

10 Oct ’16


This is what happens when you go hunting and run out of juice…. You force dad to go looking for clothes and tell him to go for more. And then another time. “Again. Look again, dad”, because they hadn’t charged enough yet.

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5 Oct ’16


Beautiful autumn weather. Even when the temperature starts dropping into single digits. We can’t complain, we had a long summer for a change.

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The other Day 

28 Sep ’16


It’s getting darker earlier and earlier. This is around 19:00 and the sun is setting on the horizon. Soon it will do this around 16:00 already. Which is kind of good because then we know it will get light and lighter again. Always look on the bright side….

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Late summer days…

26 Sep ’16




Morning prep

1 May ’16


Wake up, clothes on, breakfast and off they go. Sometimes happy, sometimes angry….

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The weird weather Sunday

26 Apr ’16


It was just crazy. I decided earlier in the week to go for a bike race on Sunday since it was nice weather finally again. Woke up on Sunday morning with snow outside. So the boys decided to ditch the road race and go have fun with the mountainbikes. But when we get to Torslanda, there is no snow….. It just is warm and sweaty in the forest.

On the way home, it started snowing there and this is a local snow storm we passed. Weird weather it was.


Sunday is game day

15 Feb ’16


Winter Sunday is ice hockey day. Meeting up with other families, skating around, blue skies, hot chocolate and cookies…. Sometimes Sundays are perfect.

A week in Orlando – Day 0

14 Feb ’16

A long flight ahead of us. The weather in town is the usual:

Once in Germany (Frankfurt) it looks a lot better. Feels more like spring here with the sun out:

Somewhere over Canada where it looks winter again:

And finally in the hotel in Orlando after a long day. Actually this is a Saturday morning shot when I woke up and the sun was rising.

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Nine something

27 Jan ’16

When you are that old, you live in your own world. And parents are not invited (most of the time).