The other Day 

28 Sep ’16


It’s getting darker earlier and earlier. This is around 19:00 and the sun is setting on the horizon. Soon it will do this around 16:00 already. Which is kind of good because then we know it will get light and lighter again. Always look on the bright side….

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Worth the commute

28 Feb ’14


OK, it’s cold and windy. Most of the days wet as well this time of the year. But a view like that on the way home makes it totally worth it.

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Afternoon ride

2 Dec ’13


This is just beautiful. And makes you feel great to go out and be able to ride a bike and soaking all this in.

What you don’t see in this kind if picture is that there was a strong wind that was pushing me for the first 30km. But then when it was dark and cold (almost 0°C) and a very strong headwind, I still had a 30km ride home.

But on the other hand, it was totally worth it. Always will be….

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