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Not from the last couple of days, but an older one from February.

The Easter game

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Easter Sunday. Trainng game during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is ok in Sweden according the different sports organisations.

And yes, the weather was totally the opposite from Saturday’s. But it will be sunny again soon they say.

Deceipt in the first game of the year

iPhone XR
ISO 25

And so it began again. The pre-season has started and the first training game is over and done.

The photo on the other hand is a bit misleading. All sunny and blue skies, but it was really windy and chilly. There was a storm brewing since Friday afternoon. This was taken on the Saturday afternoon, but at the time we left home, it was pooring down hail!!! And about 20 minutes after this photo it was dark, raining and a new hailstorm. The game even got stopped for a few minutes and the girls could shelter from the rain.

Eventually we just had to harden it out in wind and weather. The game ended in a justified 2-2 score. Everybody was happy and tired, so the rest of the day was spent in a sofa…

A walk around the block

Yesterday I was at home with the kids. Zeb got a fever (39º) the night before, so we decided to keep him and Milla at home.

The morning was filled with moving some boxes and other stuff out of the way, hanging up a some frames safely (so they don’t fall down with the slightest touch). Going outside was out of the question because it looked like it would rain any minute. And Zeb wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway.

Eventually he fell asleep, slept for3 hours and woke up a new person. Even the weather looked good all of the sudden. So we ate and packed a few things to head outside. Off to the lake just by the edge of our area.

Doesn’t it look wonderful ? Behind me kids were jumping in the water. I think Milla and Zeb wanted as well, but I didn’t bring towels. We walked around the whole lake, looked for places where we could swim. Which means almost everywhere. Maybe next weekend or so, because the water is still warm there.

Eventually, the weather turned on us.  But a forest means loads of trees to hide under. And it cleared again before we left it. I think the kids loved it. Loads of exploring to do in the future. It just feels fantastic to have a place like this within walking distance from the house.

See for yourself: View Larger Map

3 No More

“I am tired” said Milla yesterday.

“You want to go home and watch one of your movies ?”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to be 3 anymore.”

“Why not ?”

“It’s making me tired being 3. And being a big girl.”

“No more parties then ?” (we still gonna have 1 on Saturday for her friends)


“And what do you want then ?”

“I just want to be 2 again.”