Pokémon hunting

10 Oct ’16


This is what happens when you go hunting and run out of juice…. You force dad to go looking for clothes and tell him to go for more. And then another time. “Again. Look again, dad”, because they hadn’t charged enough yet.

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Morning prep

1 May ’16


Wake up, clothes on, breakfast and off they go. Sometimes happy, sometimes angry….

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Nine something

27 Jan ’16

When you are that old, you live in your own world. And parents are not invited (most of the time).


The day after…

2 May ’15
…she fell out of a tree, she looked like this. Nothing broken, just scratches and a bit swollen.


From a while back…

1 May ’15
Like almost a year ago when she had a broken arm.


Waking up

30 Apr ’15


Most of the days it takes a while to leave the warm and comfortable bed. Thinking about school and what to do afterwards…


Another golden from the archives

18 Sep ’14


We managed to get them to stand next to each other for 5 seconds and not argue…. Found this while looking for summer shots.

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The week

15 Sep ’14

That has been, was overshadowed by this:


Yes, a happy girl. A birthday girl. And also a girl with a broken arm. Crashed with her bike 4 days before her birthday. You could see right away something was wrong. That arm was just not straight… Plastered it within 2 hours at the hospital. And now last Friday it was time for a visit at the doctor’s. Result: surgery to pull it straight because it could take up to 2 years to let her body fix this on its own. And it might not be straight after all…. 15º does that I guess.

So all you can do is wait from 08:45 till around 15:45 (without eating or drinking – poor girl). Luckily there is free WiFi and an iPad available:


Yes, they marked the arm to be sure:


At the end everything went OK and we were all back home at 19:00, ready to have a “Kräftskiva” with the neighbors.


Happy B-day !!!!

9 Sep ’14


Like I say every year: Time flies !!!!! 8 Years and counting…


Summer days

27 Jul ’14

And they start looking like this:


Swimming is a must for both now. And with this weather … hard to imagine a day without a swim.

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A Fish Called Milla

14 Jul ’14


The new thing…. Diving. All the time. Longer and longer. Our little fish.


How the Spring was

20 Jun ’14


Milla dove into football. Training, games, cups, … Lots of fun and amazing to see her grow so fast and learn a lot on a really short time. Now she even wants to watch games on TV. With the World Cup going on at least we don’t have to argue what to watch anymore.