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The Easter game

iPhone XR
ISO 25

Easter Sunday. Trainng game during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is ok in Sweden according the different sports organisations.

And yes, the weather was totally the opposite from Saturday’s. But it will be sunny again soon they say.

Cycling home during sunset 2

iPhone XR
ISO 50

Yip, another one of Tuesday afternoon/evening. And actually a few minutes before previous photo. This is where I climb for about just over 10 minutes and take in the view, before I rush down in the open field and get into the forest again.

Enough iPhone already

Nikon D300
ISO 640

Dusted off the Nikon D300 and realised that I missed it. Don’t get me wrong, a mobile with an OK camera is more mobile. But you can’t compare quality and range… Now I think there is some dirt on the lenses and what not. As I said, it has been collecting a lot of dust the last few years. Gonna have to get this sorted.

The reason for all this is that we are almost done with the new house after 2 years now, the kids are getting older, …. So there is a bit more time opening up again. And I always get back to photography and MTB for some reason. My MTB needs are already pleased ever day thanks to my commuting. So photography left. And like they say…

A picture says more than a thousand words.

Where are the unicorns?

iPhone 4
ISO 80

A face in the clouds