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It’s still freezing cold out there. Why ? It’s so cold I have been taking the tram to work. Don’t mind me, I can watch a bit of TV shows on my iPhone, or read some books. That’s all good.

But too cold to ride my bike to where my I ruining my pants these days. I don’t even get warmed up properly before I get there. And that means some extra coffee or tea to get warmed up once inside the belly of the beast. And that means too much bladderpressure, …. Too much detail.

On the positive side, all that white fluffy stuff is still lying around out there. Since CHRISTMAS !!! Never seen this before in my 10 years in Sweden. So nowI am just waiting for Milla to say that when she was younger, there was always loads of snow in the winter and it always lasted very long before it all melted away. I know that’s how it was for me.