What To Do When

Posted on August 7th, 2012 in Journal0 Comments

it’s raining cats and dogs ? On a summer holiday ? It feels like we got set up this year. Summer is not really what we expected. Too much rain, no real hot day yet. And by that I mean a temperature over 25°C, so we can go swim in the sea. Nothing so far. A few just over 20°C and that is nice, but still too few.

So that means a new hobby for the kids (and me):

Lego it is. And I have to say that I am hooked as well (again). I know I loved it as a kid and it just got rekindled. The worst part is that I have a steady income now (compared to when I was a kid) and it is dangerous to step into a toy-shop now and not buy anything. So the other day I already bought Zeb’s birthday present. I think he will like it. Otherwise…. I know someone else.