What a week

Posted on November 14th, 2009 in Journal0 Comments

When you think the worst is over…. I just got healthy again after a week in bed. Nobody else in the family got sick either, we thought. Until tuesday, or wednesday  evening it was. Linda gets sick, just like me: fever sets in, coughing, muscle pains, …

Now it’s saturday and it looks a lot better. Milla got her swine-flu shot on monday and got over the worst, Linda is almost back to normal (just a slight fever in the evenings), and Zeb…. well, he’s the strong one in the family I guess. He is still untouched…. or ???? I hope so, he doesn’t deserve that….

And to spice it all up, we are trying to buy a house. But that doesn’t look bright anymore. Too many hidden “features” with it.

So we’ll take it easy tomorrow. Maybe a nice autumn walk with the family, come home, drink tea or hot chocolate and a warm apple pie…. who knows….