Was it Sunday again ?

Posted on April 26th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments
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Yes, it was. And you know what that means. Mountainbiking !!! This time we all jumped in our cars on met up in Billdal. I can hear you ask why we didn’t bike down there. Well, let’s just say that the weather wasn’t…. Er no, we’re just not fit enough yet.

But it was a lot of fun, and totally different from what we have been riding before. Down there (Sandsjöbacka Naturreservat) it get’s a bit more technical. And loads of single track. Technical single track. Technical single track climbing is actually one of my favorite things to do on a bike.  And that gave me the change to get connected to my bike again. Mind you that meant a lot of falling over as well. But tracks like that learn you how to handle the bike. And since I have a new bike, I have no clue how it handles. How far back do I have to lean backwards on steep downhill sections, how hard can I break ? A lot of questions. Luckily I got a few answers from my bike as well…

I took some pictures as well again. This is the only one where somebody else was in front of me. That strong a rider I am. I was actually coasting uphill here, because I was fumbling with my iPhone trying to take a picture. And being a man, I can only do 1 thing at the time, so it’s either taking a shot or pushing my pedals. Never both at the same time:

The view from the top before we head onto some proper single track:

And with technical single track, I mean stuff like this:

We were even allowed to carry our bikes. I have never seen anybody ride over this, not even in their strongest hours:

Rewarding views from when you get lost (yes, even with a GPS):

This is not rewarding, just the other side of the above picture. And to show you I wasn’t alone in this:

Hopefully I will get the GPS data later today, so I can attach it here. Or link it or whatever…. So you can get lost as well.