Warm Wednesday

Posted on June 17th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments

It has been busy lately. Very busy…. Weddings to go to, buying a house (which means loads of paperwork). So Linda and I decided to take the day off yesterday, keep the kids home and jump in the car to visit her brother. One of his daughters had her birthday. What a day !!!!

Just sitting outside, letting the kids do their thing. Or things, because they do loads of stuff. Non-stop. Like duracell bunnies. But to keep that high intensity, they need sugar. Loads of it. And in different forms. The preferred one is ice-cream:


That gives the adults some time to eat something. Even if it’s only like 30 seconds. That’s what they need to “eat” an ice-cream. And as a result, they will get hyper again:

Hi there

OK, we missed some World Cup games (like Switzerland beating Spain……how????), but it didn’t feel that important. Hey, in case you haven’t noticed: kids are just way more fun. And they will not always be kids….

More days like this I would say.