Posted on November 21st, 2008 in Journal0 Comments

UntitledOk, maybe not the best title I ever came up with, but it was only about the colors on this one. Yeah, ok, it was some kind of bear. But I don’t remember which one, so… no questions.

Otherwise it was a wonderful day. Even if it was my last one of my 10 days parental leave. Oh, don’t worry, there are more days to come. But in Sweden here we (dads) get like 10 days extra just right after the kid is born. Yes, only fathers get this. Mothers…. nope. Forget it.
But that means that I have to go back to work on Monday as usual. And the worst of it all is that Linda will be home alone the whole day, picking up Milla from daycare alone, and all that other stuff. It will not be easy, but we’re not gonna be the first family out there trying to do this….

Anyways, a good weekend to you all !!!!