Posted on October 7th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments

A new season is upon us. TV season that is. So I thought about making a list of the shows I watched last season.

  • Heroes: glad that is over, because they were stretching it.
  • Scrubs: one of my favorites, all-time top 5 for sure. And feeling sad it’s finished.
  • House: the usual suspect. I guess it has to do with the fact he is bold and to the point, something we don’t always dare….
  • Grey’s Anatomy: yes, I like hospital series. My weakness.
  • The Mentalist: second season was deja-vu. Not sure I will stick with this one for the next season.
  • Lost: a bit disappointed with this season, expected more from it.
  • The Pacific: Spielberg and his WWII obsession. Similar to “Band of Brothers”, just a different location and a bit more blood.

And some shows that have been going already but I never followed, so I decided to catch up:

  • The Wire: heard a lot about it and decided to give it a go. Loved it because of it approach to a police series. Back to basics, no CSI sci-fi nonsense.
  • Dexter: wrote about this one before. Scary but good.
  • Lie to me: Similar to “The Mentalist”, but Tim Roth’s character is more fun to watch. Season 2 was getting a bit boring towards the end.
  • Parenthood: My life in a few years when the kids are a bit older ?

And the one and only new one for this season will be:

  • The Event: has to be seen what it will turn out to be.