Too much and too little

Posted on December 1st, 2009 in Journal0 Comments
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So much stuff in my head, but so little time to write things down. Mainly because work is killing me. And then you get home, eat, play with the kids, clean up when they are in bed. After that it is basically to bed myself.

The reason for going early to bed is that Zeb is still not 100% OK. So he waked up about a zillion times, meaning I have to run to his room a zillion times. Don’t think it makes me physically fitter, I’m just getting more and more tired. Last night he woke up around 22:30 and was awake until 0:00. So you think he will sleep all morning, but no…… 04:30 he was awake again and refused to fall asleep. So a short night for us as well.Early again…. too little time…. can we make a day 48 hours long or so ?