A lot of people are upset because of the tollbooths around town. It started yesterday. Meaning every Swedish car driving in or out of town is going to pay when they pass a tollbooth. And the crazy thing is that they covered all the roads. No sneaky back-roads are left open. So no free passage anymore. Of course you are going to upset a lot of people.

Myself, I think it’s a good idea. Less traffic in town is always good. City centers should be for bikers and pedestrians. But the problem with this situation is that they don’t have money to give alternatives first. We have to pay first before we get them. And that is maybe not the best plan.

So what is my plan then ? Do not use the car once this year to get to work. Bike. If it rains ? Bike. If it snows ? Bike. If it’s super windy ? Bike. Worst case scenario is a bus. But bike above all else. Simple enough. Now I just have to stick to it.

2013-01-02 | Journal |