Swedish Hollywood Wives

Posted on September 21st, 2009 in Journal2 Comments

There is this thing on TV these days in Sweden. “Swedish Hollywood Wives” it’s called.  And there has been some serious hype around it even before they showed the first episode.  The plot is very simple: the follow some swedish women in the USA who are married to some rich and/or famous men and look at how they spend their day at home. I guess it comes down to how the “typical” swedish blond good looking woman can catc a rich man and then just do nothing for the rest of their live. I use qutation marks because that is how a swedish woman living outside of Sweden usually looks like, but maybe only 10% of the woman who actually live in Sweden look like.

Anyhow, a lot of the noise has been made by the current wife of Paul Anka, Anna Anka. She made some various statements about how boring swedish men are, among other things. The whole thing got half the population of Sweden reacting.

But then this lunch, on my way to work (yes, I was at home in the morning) I was listening to the radio. They were comparing her to Annika Östberg who had the looks as well (in the 80’s),  and actually is more popular here now than Anna Anka, despite the fact that she is a murderer. But then I heard this statement:

“It’s more politically correct to murder someone, than to be a housewife in Sweden.”

And I think that is almost true. Women in Sweden are supposed to have equal rights. And they have that when they murder someone, but not when they are not allowed to go to work and make a carreer….