Sunday morning ride

Posted on March 24th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments
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As I said, I got a new ride. So I took it out for a ride as well. Sunday morning would be a good idea I thought last week. Well…. It kind of was and wasn’t.

It was a good idea because the kids are usually kind of half asleep in the mornings, so they wouldn’t miss me too much (read: it’s not too much effort for Linda to handle the kids on her own). And it wasn’t a good idea because I didn’t know that the ice hasn’t melted yet in the forest. Duh…. I tried Änggården first because it is the closest to home and I know the area inside out. But as soon as I got off the road I was supposed to hit the gravel with my tires, but I didn’t. I just got 5 cm of white ice. Not fun. I tried to get up the hill with the idea that it probably cleared up higher in the forest (I seriously didn’t know what I was thinking there, already a lack of oxygen in the brain). But that obviously hadn’t happened yet. So back down. Oops…. icy. Now how did that happen ?

So I went back on the road and pointed my bike towards Delsjön. Bigger area, more people go there for walking and running, so I thought I might have more chance to get some real mountainbiking done. When I got to the old SVT building, I looked for the gravel road that I normally take to get to the top of the hill. The first bit was icy, but at least I could see here that the main road was clear:

But on top there I could see that the smaller roads had the same white layer on top of the them. No good:

At this I was gone for half an hour or so already. So me trying this slippery road for a few kilometers was not an option. I nicely went back and picked a few hills on the way home.

My first ride on the new bike is finally done. Many more will come I know. So this is what a new bike looks like:

It won’t last long like that……

And here is a map of the ride I ended up doing.