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ABBAMichael Jackson
Edith PiafAlbert Einstein

We were at Liseberg in the weekend with some friends. So Milla and her buddy Viggo could play al day in what probably was the last day this year with really beautiful weather. They went on all their favorite attractions and she was really tired when we put her to bed. It was a wonderful day (and way) to finish the weekend.

Something that I thought was funny was the stars they have all over the place. Even around the entrance on the outside of the park. I never really paid attention to them before mostly because most of them are Swedish musicians or actors. But for some reason I looked at most of them and started noticing some non-Swedes in there: Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Edith Piaf, … But then….. Albert Einstein !!!!! I dunno why he is there as well, and I looked it up but can’t find anything about it. The only reason could be that he was there in 1923 and gave a speech when they opened the park.

Anyhow… a lot of rambling to say we had a nice weekend.