Note to self

Posted on October 3rd, 2009 in Journal0 Comments
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Do NOT go running on a Saturday evening again. Ever !!!

Why, you ask ? Well….. it’s not that I’d rather sit in the sofa and watch TV (which I almost never do), but my stomach just wasn’t up for it. It was big as a blown-up balloon. And every step while I was running felt like I needed to be closer to a toilet (don’t want to be too graphical here). It all went OK. I got home without problems, but I never managed to keep running at my normal pace I have these days.

And the reason for a crazy stomach is not unknown to me either. I try to keep away from crappy food all week long. I know what I eat and I “am not allowed” to eat. But during 24 hours starting friday evening after work I am allowed to indulge myself into whatever I want. 24 hours and then we go back to “watching” what I eat. It works fine for me (so far). But today I had a bit too much of the “bad” stuff….. Don’t do that again.