Posted on February 24th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments

I am a father at home. At least for some percentage. 30% it will be until the end of the summer. But right now we are getting Zeb used to go to daycare. Which takes time. About 2 weeks normally they say. But that means of course as well that he is getting in touch with other bacteria. Meaning he is going to be sick a bit more now. Like this week. So I the last 3 weeks I have been working for 30% of my time. I don’t complain, and work is not complaining either at the moment. Ooohhh the advantages of Swedish society.

But what to do when you are at home and you have to make some food ?? I know their favorite is salmon. Take Milla, give her salmon with cooked rice and peas. She could eat that every day of the week for the rest of her life and still not complain. Zeb needs a bit more variation. He grows tired of the same food too often. But yesterday he was in the mood for some salmon. But being a Belgian and having a need for french fries every so often, I decided to make some. No, we don’t have a frying pan at home to deep fry them. And to be honest, the last time I was in Belgium and ate some fries like that, I almost threw up. Too much fat…. not used to that anymore.

So this is the Swedish way: just peel the potatoes, slice them and put the oven on 200 C. In go the fries and get them out when they start turning light brown. Serve with salmon and peas…..:o)