It snowed !!!

Posted on January 18th, 2009 in Journal0 Comments
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Not that you really can see that in this picture here, but still. This is how it looked on the street around the corner:

Winter Street

Most of it was gone already by lunchtime. But Milla and I went out for a walk and had some fun. Last winter she didn’t really get the concept of snow, but this year, all she wanted to do was throwing snowballs at me.

Snowy Morning

So went to “The Forest”. A small patch next to a playground with some trees on it. Nothing I would call a forest, but in a kid’s world it’s huge !!!!

The White Forest

Use your imagination and you’ll have hours of fun there. Now the snow is gone, but it is supposed to snow more this week. Hopefully a bit more than yesterday. But more than that we hope for it to stay a little bit longer than just a couple of hours…

More Whiteness

Climbing White Rocks