Is how I feel today. Totally drained of energy. It started on thursday already, I think. No, I know.

I had a few drinks with P., which was a long time ago (in our perspective). Got in bed before midnight. Zeb woke up a few times during the night. Up early on friday morning. Friday evening Linda went out for a few drinks, and I went to bed just about midnight. Zeb woke up again a few times during the night. Linda normally gets up early in the morning with the kids, but she didn’t feel too well, so I got up.

Now we are getting to saturday lunch, when I am alone at home with Zeb. Milla is off to a birthday party with Linda. As soon as they get back we have to start packing stuff, because we are over to F. and C. for a dinner and something to melt it all down afterwards. Result: a few drinks and a walk home late at night. I get in bed around 01:00 and Zeb does his thing again during the night.

Up early sunday again to get to Linda’s parents. It’s been a while since we’ve been there and Milla has been asking us quite a few times when we go and visit them again. So…. up before the sun (not difficult this time of the year in Sweden), packing bags and in the car. Luckily I get 2 hours of sleep after lunch when we are there.

Sunday evening is the same scenario again. I get in bed late, Zeb wakes me up a few times, and I get up early with him on monday morning. We got home last night which I am very grateful for because a drive home this morning would have killed me. But the coffee at the office today didn’t really help. It just made me feel sick…

So today I will go to bed early and try to get at least 9 hours of sleep…. I need to. So good night and sleep well.

PS: no, I didn’t work on monday and will not do so for the rest of the year. But more about that soon.

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