Posted on February 2nd, 2011 in Journal0 Comments

Almost empty after a ride home like that. Raining hard, cold and loads of ice on the roads. All covered in water so I don’t have a clue if there is some ice underneath. So I had to pull out all my ninja skills1 to avoid a close encounter with the third kind. Because for me they come in this order:

  1. Gravel: makes nasty cuts
  2. Concrete: no cuts, but at low speeds only bruises. Higher speeds gives burned skins or worse
  3. Ice: is hard but leaves nothing more than bruises

So after a couple of kilometres I realise that I don’t have the appropriate music in my ears for this. Brel doesn’t cut it, neither did Coco Rosie. So that leaves me with a question.

What music do ninjas listen to ?

  1. I looked more like Jackie Chan than Bruce Lee