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Push from Saeed Taji Farouky on Vimeo.

This is just how it should be. At the end he is talking about being stuck in traffic jams. And that you never get that feeling on a bike.

Then I started thinking about this and realise how true that is. Anf how lucky I feel I don’t have to sit in a car and crawl ahead. I get this freedom of biking. OK, it’s not always that fun. We’re getting to the season of suffering a lot. It’s getting colder now (bellow 0 the other morning), which I don’t really mind. Proper clothing will do the job. The worst is the rain. But… no pain, no gain, they say.

The best I think is that you have this time on the bike to let your mind wander around. And all the colors during autumn now!!!! It’s oh so amazing, like every day is a new painting that you are cycling through. You don’t get that in a car, you pass it all too fast.

No, I am happy we live close to town and I get to experience it all… You should all do this and get used to it, before the gas prices will empty your pockets faster than you realise.