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I was clicking around on Flickr the other day and came to something called mousePath. It’s a little app that you have running on your computer and it basically just tracks your mouse movements. So after a day at work it looked like this for me:

The big black dot in the middle is when the mouse didn’t move. Or you could call it a lunch-break as well. If you want to play with it, go and download them both for pc, and another one for Mac.

After having played around with it a few days, I realised it looked a bit like the stuff I was playing around with a year or 2 ago in Processing. For some reason I don’t remember I’ve put it aside. But now it’s been nagging the edges of my brain. So I downloaded it again and started playing:

Something like this is done quite fast. But the biggest problem usually when playing with shapes is to find some decent colors to work with !!! In comes this wonderful site: In the mod. Perfect. Now we are all set to play with it a bit more. Hopefully I have something better to show in the next couple of days.