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I have changed a bit of stuff around here. The reason is that I wanted to integrate my Tumblr blog with this one. I have had a Tumblr account for quite a while now. In the beginning I only posted my Flickr favorites there. Then I started posting videos as well, and then came links and quotes and all other stuff. It’s a so-called microblog. It’s really easy and quick to post something there.

After while, when I only still had a Pixelpost blog here, I played with the idea to blog my ideas and thinkerings there as well. But for some reason I never found that it would fit there. It was only stuff that I found on the vast planes and jungles of the interweb. Not my own brain doodles. So I decided to change the platform at this address to WordPress. WP got so advanced that running a photoblog on it would not be a problem. And it gave me the option of just writing stuff as well whenever I wanted.

So now I changed the layout of my Tumblr blog to this one and changed the width of this blog so both now look the same. Clicking on “Tumblings” in the header doesn’t give you the feeling now that you are leaving this site. There is still a lot of fine tuning to do on both platforms, but I am happy with it so far already and feel comfortable to integrate them now. So enjoy…