Boxes, boxes and boxes

Posted on August 12th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments

The moment is finally there. The moment we have been waiting for for over 4 years now. We get the keys to the house tomorrow!!!!

4Years, you say. Yes, it’s been that long since we starting talking about it and actually started looking for real. We almost bought some houses before. Meaning that we signed a contract, but ripped it after we had an inspection done. We also bought a piece of land 2,5 years ago. We never got around to build something on it we really liked. Or was affordable. So we sold that one as well after year. So we had to start all over again.

But now we did it. So we have been packing all our stuff into boxes again the last couple of weeks. This is how the living room looks like now:

Not that easy for the kids, because we have boxes up to the ceiling in every room now. And they are not allowed to open anything, let alone touch anything with the risk of getting everything on their head. But we raised them well, they listened (so far).

So we have a very busy weekend ahead of us now. Tomorrow we are just having a look at the house, take the kids there after daycare. And then I’ll drop them off in the evening at Linda’s parents. Saturday and Sunday is moving everything and hopefully getting as much as possible out of the boxes again.

So if it’s quite here for a few days, you know why…