Another Sunday

Posted on March 29th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments
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Another ride. But not another route. We had another setup of the “team”. This time we were 2 riders. Not that much you would say, but it’s the double of last week’s team.

The ride was nothing worthy the name of a “ride”. A. forgot that we had to change to summertime and to something special he also forgot to check his bike on Saturday, so we had to deal with 2 semi flat tires on his bike on Sunday morning. No decent equipment to fix it on the spot, so we ended up walking a fair bit to a gas station so we could fix the tires.

When we finally got to Delsjön, we had to turn around and head back home due to other duties that needed handling. This was the view before we left again:

As you can see, a wee bit more “grass” to spot, but still ice on the lake. My guess, we could have biked the usual route there. But we leave that for next week I guess. I might bring a decent camera as well, since I am not really impressed any more with those iPhone shots.