And back to WordPress

I read a lot last year about how amazing it is to build your website with a static-site-generator. Meaning you can have all your posts in Markdown and you just commit it with Git to a repository and a few commands to publish it online.

Tufte CSS is in my opinion the best layout there is for blogging, writing, …

The main reason is that I wanted to have a site that has the Tufte CSS implemented. And I was a bit too lazy to make something for WordPress (’cause there wasn’t).

So I started with Jekyll. Found a good Tufte theme and started implementing. But once you imported 1000+ posts from the old WordPress site, you start noticing how slow the building of the site becomes. So, after some searching I ended up with Hugo. Again, same procedure of finding a theme and learning how to set up everything. This time is was ay faster to build and I decided to run with it.

But…. eventually I realised it really didn’t fit my workflow. Since most of what I present here is photo-based material, it gets a bit difficult to publish wherever and whenever I want because I only have the hugo software on my work machine (Linux based). And all the photos (from all the iPhones and camera) are imported to the home machine where we have Lightroom installed. Sometimes I just want to edit in VSCO on the iPhone and publish. So somehow it has to get transferred to my work machine to get published. And that is just a too big of a bottleneck for me.

So I just went back to good old WordPress. I just put the time in to make a themebased on Tufte CSS. And now I just have to get all the old content back. Luckily there is a Lightroom plugin to export photos directly to WordPress…

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