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OK, so I cleaned it up a bit. A lot better than 738 if you ask me. Still a lot. But if we break this down in numbers a bit more we get this:

  • 354 of them are Flickr accounts
  • another 81 are photo blogs
  • 33 are about photography in general

That is 468 blogs about photography. So that leaves with about 90 blogs that can be divided into this:

  • 6 about Apple
  • 7 about art
  • 9 general blogs
  • 8 about cycling
  • 11 about webdesign (part of my day-job)
  • 17 about Lotus Notes (day-job as well)
  • 7 about interior design

That leaves us with 25 that go from books to WordPress, business, …

In other words: not that much reading anymore. Mostly looking at pictures. A lot faster than usual I noticed this morning. And I am happy about that. But…. mind you, I will probably throw in some gardening blogs now we are moving this weekend to a house !