4 years, 4 parties … in 4 days

Posted on September 13th, 2010 in Journal0 Comments
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Milla turned 4 last Thursday. And for some reason it turned into 4 parties for her as well.

Thursday was waking her up in the morning with the traditional breakfast in bed. Loaded with presents and all the good things in life. And that means presents, cake a bit of ice-cream and her little brother to share it all with.

Friday her godmother came over to ours with her family. Food and drinks, candy and ice-creams all over again. Luckily she was a bit tired and would go early to bed, because Saturday was her big day. Meaning her friends from daycare would come over and party with her. Something we didn’t do last year because she wasn’t t interested in it then. But this year….. Oh boy.

So Saturday was a bit stressful for us. 7 4-year olds running around at our place. Of course it all had a theme: Princess. no worries. We can fix this. And we did. Most of the moms (and 1 dad) hanged around as well. We told them they were allowed. Because, be honest, who doesn’t want to spy on their kid on a birthday party and see what they do. But that meant as well that we had to double the food to be served. A couple of hours later, when everybody left and the kids went to sleep, we collapsed in the sofa. One more day left and we hadn’t prepared anything yet….

So Sunday came along, and that means family…. That means a lot more food to prepare, so a lot more sweating in the kitchen before they arrived. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and ice cream, followed a bit later (after all the activities Milla wanted us to do) with some marinaded pork fillet (because it would give us the opportunity to use our grill for the first time) and baked potatoes.

All in all a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well with a lot of nice people. And the most important thing of it all: Milla was happy.

PS: Photos will follow soon… You got a teaser here.