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A new year, and a new start as they say ? No new start. We did that when we moved into the house. And no promises either, they’re only there to be broken.

But we had a very nice 2 weeks off from work and also a lot of computer free time. Amazing what one can do with loads of free time. Of course a lot of it went into preparing Christmas parties and a New Year’s Eve party (thank you B and M family, it was wonderful). Having friends and family staying over … It’s all part of the being new house owners I guess.

But I managed to get out with Milla to Isaberg for 2 days with one of her cousins. A perfect place to spent a couple of days with the family skiing. A 2 hour drive instead of going through hell (5+ hours) to get up north.

Fighting the cold

Not that she ever had been standing on skis before, that was the point…. To get her feel what it’s like. She tried. She was brave. I hope, no I know she will want to try this again.