The first run to work …. ever

And yes, there was some snow. Actually it feels pretty crazy to do this, but biking straight to work these days (so I could run in the evenings) is just not that fun anymore. So the smart part of me decided to start running to work. I thought it would be feasible since I have done longer runs than 9 km lately. And it wasn’t to bad actually. Hilly the way I went for it. I could go longer and flat. But that is for next week or so.

The only thing I have to learn is how to dress properly. The layering you need for biking is waaaaaayyyyy too much for running. Overheating was my biggest problem for sure. And the reason I think why it went slower than what I expected.

The other mistake of the day ….. I ran back home as well. Had only a few sandwiches for lunch and that is just not enough energy for the day to do 2 x 8,5 km runs. So i bonked halfway the run home. But lessons learned!!!

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