Little man fishing

Posted on September 30th, 2010 in Photography0 Comments
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Or so it seems. Just sitting by a stream and watching.

All these forest shots were taken on Sunday morning. Instead of me heading out into the forest with the guys for a MTB trip, we decided I would stay home and we would take out the kids for a walk in the forest. Not your normal walk and follow the path. No no, we just crossed the street behind the house and headed straight into the forest. Over trees and trunks, stepping on soft moss, jumping over little streams.

Of course, this kind of activity is a bit too much for a little boy like Zeb. But he did well, and enjoyed it a lot. But give it an hour and he will get tired in his legs. Imagine yourself on your next walk and you have obstacles as high (or even bigger) as yourself. See how fit you are…

His big sister did better. She was really into it after a while and firing loads of questions, like what everything was called, why there were no fish in the stream, were all the frogs came from(we saw loads), …

The best of it all, just before we decided to head back home, we found some “Funnel Chanterelle”, or “Trattkantarell” as they call it in Swedish. Very tasty, and hard to find. So we picked some, cleaned them at home and used them on the fish we cooked for lunch. No better way to finish a sunday morning walk !!!