More than words can explain. Linda said I looked more like an artic explorer than a cyclist. And I find that a very nice complement (hence I’m so happy in the picture).

But I do think I have found the limits for biking. Temperature wise at least. -16°C it was, and some wind and my biking speed on top of that and you get a windchill of around -25°C. A bit too much in my opinion. I found it hard work. The MTB and the studded tires make it go easy on snow and ice, but that temperature makes it hard to move.

Move too fast and it feels way too cold and you think you will never warm up. Too slow and you think you will never get home and freeze to death on the way home. Maybe even eaten by that wolf that sneaks around in the area. Notice that some dots are too close to my biking routes (I can hear some of you think that I might be the wolf ??!!).

But then again, today was a day off, so I probably jump on the bike again tomorrow anyway. Like all Belgians, we do love our bike and bad weather combo.

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