Friday lunch and afterwards

This was taken last week Friday. I got the green light from the doctor to exercise again. So Thursday evening was a bike session and since I was working from home on Friday, I thought I might as well go for a short run and see how my body reacts to it.

As you can see it was not a lot of quality running. Loads of ice sheets like this. So off to the side in the snow where you don’t know where your foot is going to land. But still…. It went OK. the only problem I had was afterwards at home. Showered OK, had lunch. And then….. somehow my back went into full relapse. One tiny sidestep and a pain shooting from my lower back into my right leg to my knee. And inside my hip somewhere as well. But mostly my back. Walking up to the daycare center to pick up Zeb is normally a 3 minute walk, which turned into a 20 shuffle session. Not good. But the more I moved in the afternoon the better I get. Medication again and an early bed. By Saturday that pain was gone again as usual (sleeping always seems to help).

So no more high impact sport for me until I visited the orthopedic physician. I am on the list there now, but since this is Sweden, this can take weeks. So we’ll have to see and wait. Maybe this will be the year of biking and swimming, instead of biking and running like I thought. Who knows?

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