And I can’t play in it

So nice outside. The snow is just piling up and the temperatures just under 0°C. Barely any wind. Any kids perfect winter day I would say. And my brain just goes “Me too, me too!!”! Yes, of course I am still a kid as well.

The problem is that the old “injury” is playing up again. Yesterday was really bad. The worst I have had in maybe a year or so. I woke up with a pain in my right hip/leg/lower back (yup, the area hurts). And just making it downstairs for breakfast was…. Let me put it this way: I walk funny to try to avoid any pain shooting around in above mentioned area, so my muscles start stiffening and cramping up. The result is even less mobility and all the muscles get inflamed.

The only thing to do is lay down on the floor wherever I am standing. Relax and wait. Once that went over Linda drove me to the doctor’s. There they saw I have been visiting them a few times with the same symptoms in the last year. So now they made a wise decision to get some X-rays. Which I did this morning. Now we just have to sit and wait till next week when the doctor will call back.

In the meantime, it’s taking medicine and no running or biking for at least a week. Which is the hard part. I can hear my bikes and shoes scream and it’s hard to ignore… I mean, I trained the whole of 2013 with some back/leg pain …. But I guess if I want to let it heal properly this time … TBC

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