No eyes

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Kids these days… They cannot act normal in front of a camera anymore. Maybe I did too much of it when they were younger and just hate it now. Or… I didn’t do it enough?

Pokémon hunting

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This is what happens when you go hunting and run out of juice…. You force dad to go looking for clothes and tell him to go for more. And then another time. “Again. Look again, dad”, because they hadn’t charged enough yet.

Another Sunday, another medal

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We start the new year off with …. the normal stuff of weekends: football tournament !!! Get up early, 3 games, a medal and a tired boy later we where home again.

And happiness is … scoring the team’s first tournament goal.

Week 4

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Big thing this week: the kids are on ice. And that’s not a reference to they are on drugs or anything. They just love ice skating!!!! Can’t get enough of it (I know…. there were some pictures last week as well). They would probably skip school all together if they were allowed to go skating non-stop. So….. Zeb started ice hockey on Saturday and Milla figure skating. I guess we’ll only see the inside of ice-halls now for a while.




The second biggest thing this week: we got a dump load of snow again on Saturday. Big amounts and the perfect temperature so it was super sticky. Snowmen and igloos to be build!!!


As you can see it started already a bit on Friday morning:





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In his own room is the new thing. Both of the kids. Milla in her room with a closed door and now Zeb as well.