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Yesterday evening. Kids go out and sing Christmas songs. They stand still for like 30 minutes or so, which is not too bad if you have loads of layers on you to keep you warm. But they were to represent herders and Santa claus, …. No winter jacket to keep them warm. So you have to be creative. And the songs…. they were really good. Probably the best I’ve heard over the years!!!


Winter wonderland anno 2016

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Because last week we had a snowstorm!!!! And who doesn’t love that. About 20 cm over night. Nobody went to work because all the buses, trams, flights and trains stopped working. You would think so far up north they would be able to handle this a lot better, but….. Anyhow, the kids loved it and got loads of playtime in school as well.

Week 4

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Big thing this week: the kids are on ice. And that’s not a reference to they are on drugs or anything. They just love ice skating!!!! Can’t get enough of it (I know…. there were some pictures last week as well). They would probably skip school all together if they were allowed to go skating non-stop. So….. Zeb started ice hockey on Saturday and Milla figure skating. I guess we’ll only see the inside of ice-halls now for a while.




The second biggest thing this week: we got a dump load of snow again on Saturday. Big amounts and the perfect temperature so it was super sticky. Snowmen and igloos to be build!!!


As you can see it started already a bit on Friday morning:




Sälen – Day 3

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Nothing wrong with my arm today. A bit stiff but nothing else. A few rides and it went away. But there might be some internal bleeding because it hurts like #%} when I want to lean on it.

Visibility turned to zero here just before lunch as you can see from the photo. But the good news is that it started snowing in the afternoon!!!!

Sälen – Day 2

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Nice weather you would think. Yesterday was 7°C and rain. So with the freezing overnight, it’s all ice. This one slope had snow canons on it and made it the only fun slope.

I would be reminded about 30 min later that was all ice out there. Waiting at the bottom for the kids to finish their skiing lesson for the day, I walked over to a trash bin only to find myself flat on my back halfway over. Feet went up and I landed pretty hard on my right arm. First a lightning hard shot of pain through my lower arm, then after 2 seconds I had no feeling what so ever in it. Strange and freighting but the pain came back after a minute or two. Now the only worry I have is a fracture. We will wait and see tomorrow…


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Couldn’t get the car started today. Called the service guys, they came around and had a look. “A flat car battery on cold winter day”, they say. Very common. But that meant that once they got the car started, I had to drive around for at least one hour !!!!! Perfect excuse to drive the touristy drive south along the coast and stop a few times (but keep the engine running) to take some shots.

The sea is all iced over. In this last shot there were a lot of people walking out on the ice. Too far away to get a proper shot. And skating on the lakes with this weather is supposed to be superb. Damned, I have to learn how to skate…… Note to self: move that up on the to-do list.

Ice skating

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Just when you think that the weather is going to turn around…. it turns into something ugly. 2 Days ago temperatures went just over zero. Meaning a lot of snow and ice started melting. It even rained for a few hours. And then is when it turned into hell. Actually hell froze over. This morning it was -14 again. And all this means that town turned into the world’s biggest ice skating ring.  Just have a look at this on my way home from work yesterday afternoon.

People are not lifting their feet when they walk, they slide around. The safest way I noticed myself.


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Nursery slope style hill in the area. About 5 minute walk when Milla or Zeb are sitting in their sledge. We went there the other day after we tried a little gentler slope the day before. Now Milla only wants to go faster and faster.