When kids grow up

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 in Photography by Tim • 0 Comments
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You skip your races to drive them to their races in the weekends:


Which is the same as I wanted to do. So hopefully we can ride it together in a few years. Here he is warming up (you have to teach them right from the beginning) with his buddy:


And then you finish like this:


Action Weekend

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With her cousin’s birthday. No hanging around in seats.¬†Action-packed¬†instead. And much more fun. Until the old people had to sit down with cramps in their legs…

Freezing Sea I

Posted on February 17th, 2009 in Photography by Tim • 0 Comments

It was bloody cold out there. Even with the sun in our faces, it was still very cold and I wanted to climb into the pushchair next to Zeb where it was nice and warm.
-6 or so it was with a a steady wind. But after 3 hours walking around in it, you go back inside… Get a hot cup of chocolate in the sofa under some blankets…. That’s a proper winter I would say.