A sign

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A new sign in the middle of the forest!!?? I know there is a horse trail close by, but in my 5+ years of commuting here, I have never seen a horse on this section. I wonder if this is from the people at the Botanical Gardens as well. They have been doing quite a lot of changes here the last couple of months. And quite aggressively as well if you ask me. Is this just to make their presence even more clear?

We’ll see. I’ll keep you updated…

Endless summer

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It’s been warm and sunny since the beginning om May here. I can count the number of rainy days on one hand!! It’s so dry, you’re not even allowed to use your own BBQ in your own garden.

Only 5 minutes away

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It’s hard to believe that this is only a 5 minutes bike ride away from the office, which is in the centre of the second largest city in Sweden. And that is why I love it here so much. That easy access to nature and all the quiet that comes along with it.

From the Archives

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From the Archives

I was looking through the archives for some summer shots, and I realized after a while that most of the weather was something like this. Not a lot of shiny super sunny shots in there like the years before. Cross my fingers for a better summer this year.