No eyes

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Kids these days… They cannot act normal in front of a camera anymore. Maybe I did too much of it when they were younger and just hate it now. Or… I didn’t do it enough?

Play your own games

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Instead of being glued in front of the tv the whole day and watching football games, we decided to go out and play something outselves. I mean, look how sunny it was. That is unheard of during those Swedish midsummer days.

On our way

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I would turn out to be a devastating evening… Watching the Sweden – Germany football game on the biggest screen in Europe (800m2)

Conference with a view

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As you can see we are in the middle of Stockholm. Very cold here, but we have a whole hour at lunch time so we try to go for a short walk. And we definitely go in the evenings. I mean, how do you otherwise get a good beer?

And yes, it’s blurry. Nothing I am proud of. With an iPhone…. through glass. Should bring some proper gear next time.

What Are You Looking At?

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What Are You Looking At?

From our trip to Stockholm a few weeks ago. A little farm just on the outskirts. Walking around in the area didn’t feel like you were in a big city, but out in the country. I wonder how difficult it must be to maintain something like that. I mean, the feeling was all a bit hippy, laid-back. But were comes the capital to do that ? Stockholm is not known for being a cheap place. Especially after the last couple of years when the property prices just sky rocketed. I dunno…. just a thought. Loads of time to think when you’re sick.


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Back after almost a week. We got in last night at 01:00. Emptying the car and taking a shower makes it 01:30 before we got to bed. All that after a 6 hours drive from Stockholm.

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And then we had to get up before 07:00, because we had to be at the hospital by 08:00 with Zeb to take some X-rays. So I am not feeling too energetic. Probably will go to bed after we put the kids to bed and try to get a few more hours of sleep. Processing the videos and photos will have a to wait a bit. Even though I think we have a few nice shots to show. More about that in the next posts.