Ze Kids

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Trying to outrun me last week. Not that much of a problem with one my sciatic nerves blocking up my right leg. Could hardly walk, let alone run. But biking seems to be OK. And a lot of stretching. Have to keep doing that.

In the Wild

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I was at home on Thursday (sick kids). So I decided to take a walk up to the lake at lunch time when he needed to take a nap.

Totally frozen, so some were skating on it even though the day before one skater fell through the ice.

Gonna Meet Santa

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Gonna Meet Santa

Last Saturday, a lot of people from the neighbourhood got together to walk to the other side of the lake where Santa was gonna show up and collect all the wishlists from the kids. Great idea, and a lot of fun. A nice evening walk, grilling hot dogs on the fire, … Hopefully we’ll do it again next year…

All this and heaven too

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Mom and Dad were here for more than a week. So nice to see them again. It has been twice this year !!!! And it feels fantastic. A shame that we can’t do it more often, but I think that some more planning and booking in advance on Ryainair will help a lot to come home at least once a year.

Thanks for being here, Mom & Dad. The kids miss you already too….


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And still cold outside. It was the first time in a week we went out. Me and the kids that is. Zeb had a fever and had been coughing a lot. So I stayed at home with the kids the whole week. He is better now, so yesterday we decided to go out in the cold. we lasted 20 minutes….