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Zeb sick

We’ve been there in the last couple of weeks. I looked like this last week. Now it’s the little man’s turn. Hope this will be over soon. And we get some sunny warmer weather. That would solve all of this…

I shouldn’t

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….have talked about it. I jinxed myself. I felt pretty good. So I went back to work on tuesday. Wednesday lunch I had to scrape myself together from my desk and go home. Fever caught up again, realising it could let me faking being healthy.

Off to bed again I was…. Not such a high fever as before. So this time around my body came up with the idea of a “super cold”: fluids run from my nose like a waterfall, eyes water as well and become quite fast puffy and red. Result: no imagery. A very mean trick of the body, if you ask me. How am I supposed to find the medicines now?

So I decided to toughen it out in bed. Eyesight is back and the fever seems to be gone…. I cross my fingers now that this was it for this year. Off to being healthy now….

1 Week

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Almost a whole week in bed now. It started on Monday evening a week ago. “Vinterkräksjukan” as they call it in Swedish. A very aggressive form of the stomach flu. Takes about 3 days and then you are kind of normal again. Except for the fact that I won’t eat certain foods for a very long time now.

Friday goes by and I am feeling almost 100% again. Saturday comes and I get hit with the same virus the kids and Linda had for the last couple of weeks. So off to bed again with 40°C fever. Today I am feeling kind of OK and I have almost no fever. So off to work again tomorrow I think. If there is not another virus waiting for me around the corner…

Car Keys

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What a weekend. Milla is healthy again after a week with high fever. So obviously Zeb is sick since yesterday. Actually friday, but it got worse yesterday. 40 Degrees fever and throwing up. But half an hour (around 20:30) later he went:

“I need the car keys”.

“Why?”, I asked.

“To go to work”.


“Yes, and I need my jeans as well.” (He was running around in his PJ’s)

Go figure… 2,5 years old and already feeling the pressure.


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We just got the kids healthy again for a week. The 2 weeks before they were sick one at a time. What happened last night ??? Milla puked all over her bed, so…. here we go again.

Time of the year they say.


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The sound of a decision. After debating with on one hand the headache and cramping muscles in my legs telling me “We are drying out here, give us some more water … Now!”.

And on the other hand a very upset stomach clearly stating: “One more thing in here and it gets out again as fast as it came in”.

Decision done and immediate response. Action and reaction, Newton would have liked that.

But the thing that makes me wonder is, does this mean that the stomach is stronger than the mind ?

From life with a stomach flu last week.


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In bed all day. In foetus position, sleeping, freezing, then sweating again. Not fun but reality…

Not much

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happened besides the fact that Milla’s fever transformed into chickenpox today. So…. Elvis is not gonna leave the building.


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We got lucky again. Or how should I say this ? Zeb got sick a few days ago with a fever. First we thought it was because he was getting new teeth, but the. He started coughing as well. His fever has gone now, but not the rest.

So yesterday Milla was a bit low in the afternoon. I mean, it’s Saturday and she didn’t even want her candy ??!! So surprise, surprise … Now she has 39 degrees and is coughing as well. Hopefully it will all be over by Monday but that might just be wishful thinking from my side.

So we better prepare for a new schedule for next week with loads of reading books and watching Winnie the Pooh instead of visiting friends…

Stop this madness

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What a last few weeks. Never experienced something like this before. First I got sick, then Milla, then Linda. Then we think it’s all over even though Linda is not 100% yet, and before you finish your sentence Zeb gets sick. The little man starts coughing as well, like we all did before. Not funny anymore. And to top it off, I got a feverattack again on Saturday afternoon. Just to make it all easier for Linda I guess. She had a rough time already taking care of us all.

So we decided that enough is enough. We stop this madness now !! No more sickness for our family. Hereby it stops. I declare it finished, you little viruses.

(Does it work like this ?)


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Again. My bodytemperature is on a rollercoaster, my throath hurts, and a headache on top of that. I had enough of it. Where is the off-switch ? How do I end this game ?