Conference with a view

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As you can see we are in the middle of Stockholm. Very cold here, but we have a whole hour at lunch time so we try to go for a short walk. And we definitely go in the evenings. I mean, how do you otherwise get a good beer?

And yes, it’s blurry. Nothing I am proud of. With an iPhone…. through glass. Should bring some proper gear next time.

Home sweet home

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Back home after a weekend snowboarding/skiing with the boys. I still can’t believe we have a view like this from the house. Totally the opposite from what we had before with that forest.

The best is that every evening is different: rain, snow, blue skies, clouds, … I can just sit and stare for hours. It’s always changing.

Afternoon ride

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This is just beautiful. And makes you feel great to go out and be able to ride a bike and soaking all this in.

What you don’t see in this kind if picture is that there was a strong wind that was pushing me for the first 30km. But then when it was dark and cold (almost 0°C) and a very strong headwind, I still had a 30km ride home.

But on the other hand, it was totally worth it. Always will be….


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Couldn’t get the car started today. Called the service guys, they came around and had a look. “A flat car battery on cold winter day”, they say. Very common. But that meant that once they got the car started, I had to drive around for at least one hour !!!!! Perfect excuse to drive the touristy drive south along the coast and stop a few times (but keep the engine running) to take some shots.

The sea is all iced over. In this last shot there were a lot of people walking out on the ice. Too far away to get a proper shot. And skating on the lakes with this weather is supposed to be superb. Damned, I have to learn how to skate…… Note to self: move that up on the to-do list.