A walk around the block

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Yesterday I was at home with the kids. Zeb got a fever (39º) the night before, so we decided to keep him and Milla at home.

The morning was filled with moving some boxes and other stuff out of the way, hanging up a some frames safely (so they don’t fall down with the slightest touch),… Going outside was out of the question because it looked like it would rain any minute. And Zeb wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway.

Eventually he fell asleep, slept for3 hours and woke up a new person. Even the weather looked good all of the sudden. So we ate and packed a few things to head outside. Off to the lake just by the edge of our area.

Doesn’t it look wonderful ? Behind me kids were jumping in the water. I think Milla and Zeb wanted as well, but I didn’t bring towels. We walked around the whole lake, looked for places where we could swim. Which means almost everywhere. Maybe next weekend or so, because the water is still warm there.

Eventually, the weather turned on us.  But a forest means loads of trees to hide under. And it cleared again before we left it. I think the kids loved it. Loads of exploring to do in the future. It just feels fantastic to have a place like this within walking distance from the house.

See for yourself: View Larger Map

Was it Sunday again ?

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Yes, it was. And you know what that means. Mountainbiking !!! This time we all jumped in our cars on met up in Billdal. I can hear you ask why we didn’t bike down there. Well, let’s just say that the weather wasn’t…. Er no, we’re just not fit enough yet.

But it was a lot of fun, and totally different from what we have been riding before. Down there (Sandsjöbacka Naturreservat) it get’s a bit more technical. And loads of single track. Technical single track. Technical single track climbing is actually one of my favorite things to do on a bike.  And that gave me the change to get connected to my bike again. Mind you that meant a lot of falling over as well. But tracks like that learn you how to handle the bike. And since I have a new bike, I have no clue how it handles. How far back do I have to lean backwards on steep downhill sections, how hard can I break ? A lot of questions. Luckily I got a few answers from my bike as well…

I took some pictures as well again. This is the only one where somebody else was in front of me. That strong a rider I am. I was actually coasting uphill here, because I was fumbling with my iPhone trying to take a picture. And being a man, I can only do 1 thing at the time, so it’s either taking a shot or pushing my pedals. Never both at the same time:

The view from the top before we head onto some proper single track:

And with technical single track, I mean stuff like this:

We were even allowed to carry our bikes. I have never seen anybody ride over this, not even in their strongest hours:

Rewarding views from when you get lost (yes, even with a GPS):

This is not rewarding, just the other side of the above picture. And to show you I wasn’t alone in this:

Hopefully I will get the GPS data later today, so I can attach it here. Or link it or whatever…. So you can get lost as well.