The week that was

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It was time for the yearly skiing trip to Sälen. Not a lot of snow even if the photo here shows otherwise:


It’s just the snow-canons working full blast in the evenings. Where do we stay??? Well, this place:


The Skilodge, where we have an appartment with 6 beds, a livingroom and a kitchen.

And the kids just can’t sit still, even after a whole day on the slopes, they still want to go out in the snow:


Sälen – Day 4

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What a day. Zeb and Milla’s cousins arrived last night so that means so much more skiing. It looked like they went from “I do this to make mom and dad happy” to being in the zone and don’t really wanted to leave the slopes. I had to drag Zeb of the slopes.

A lot better conditions as well. Not much wind, not to cold at all (hoovering around zero) and loads of snow compared to Monday. Promising for the last days here. A week goes by soooooo fast when you’re having fun.

The photo is from the top of one of the red slopes here. Zeb (5 years young now) decided he was gonna join us. He loved it even though he dropped a ski on his first run there.

Sälen – Day 3

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Nothing wrong with my arm today. A bit stiff but nothing else. A few rides and it went away. But there might be some internal bleeding because it hurts like #%} when I want to lean on it.

Visibility turned to zero here just before lunch as you can see from the photo. But the good news is that it started snowing in the afternoon!!!!

Sälen – Day 2

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Nice weather you would think. Yesterday was 7°C and rain. So with the freezing overnight, it’s all ice. This one slope had snow canons on it and made it the only fun slope.

I would be reminded about 30 min later that was all ice out there. Waiting at the bottom for the kids to finish their skiing lesson for the day, I walked over to a trash bin only to find myself flat on my back halfway over. Feet went up and I landed pretty hard on my right arm. First a lightning hard shot of pain through my lower arm, then after 2 seconds I had no feeling what so ever in it. Strange and freighting but the pain came back after a minute or two. Now the only worry I have is a fracture. We will wait and see tomorrow…