The new commute

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Not the best shot ever seen on this space. And was it me standing somewhere with my DSLR (which is collecting loads of dust these days…. damn you Steve jobs for making the perfect digital MacGyver tool), it would be a lot better, but running in a snow storm in the evening and taking that shot with an iPhone 4 nonetheless…. Not bad I would say.

But the point is that I am running that stretch of road to work. That bit that 2 years ago took me almost as long to bike as I need to run it now. I don’t even like to bike it anymore in the winter, because that 10 km is just about enough to warm me up on the bike. In the summer one can make long detours and let that CX bike taste some forest, sand, mud and the likes (it really hates asphalt). But now….?? Not so much.

So we just have to run it out, I guess. But first let that hip pain heal a bit. Seems to be a problem with the Psoas, Iliacus or Pectineus. not sure which one, so I should book a visit to a chiropractor.

The first run to work …. ever

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And yes, there was some snow. Actually it feels pretty crazy to do this, but biking straight to work these days (so I could run in the evenings) is just not that fun anymore. So the smart part of me decided to start running to work. I thought it would be feasible since I have done longer runs than 9 km lately. And it wasn’t to bad actually. Hilly the way I went for it. I could go longer and flat. But that is for next week or so.

The only thing I have to learn is how to dress properly. The layering you need for biking is waaaaaayyyyy too much for running. Overheating was my biggest problem for sure. And the reason I think why it went slower than what I expected.

The other mistake of the day ….. I ran back home as well. Had only a few sandwiches for lunch and that is just not enough energy for the day to do 2 x 8,5 km runs. So i bonked halfway the run home. But lessons learned!!!


The way it looks like when

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I run around in the evenings here:


All blurry and wet. Wind and rain will do that. But what I noticed from last winter commuting to work is that as long as you have the right clothing, it doesn’t matter if it’s freezing, snowing, raining, storm, …. But in my opinion I think I prefer this kind of weather over warm and sunny. Might explain why I migrated north years ago instead of south.

Note to self

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Do NOT go running on a Saturday evening again. Ever !!!

Why, you ask ? Well….. it’s not that I’d rather sit in the sofa and watch TV (which I almost never do), but my stomach just wasn’t up for it. It was big as a blown-up balloon. And every step while I was running felt like I needed to be closer to a toilet (don’t want to be too graphical here). It all went OK. I got home without problems, but I never managed to keep running at my normal pace I have these days.

And the reason for a crazy stomach is not unknown to me either. I try to keep away from crappy food all week long. I know what I eat and I “am not allowed” to eat. But during 24 hours starting friday evening after work I am allowed to indulge myself into whatever I want. 24 hours and then we go back to “watching” what I eat. It works fine for me (so far). But today I had a bit too much of the “bad” stuff….. Don’t do that again.


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I know…. last time I talked about running I got jinxed and could get out for almost 2 weeks. But I hope that only happens once. Over and done with that now.

What I wondering is if I should start running at lunchtime instead of the evenings as I do now. Mostly it’s somewhere between 21:00 and 21:30 that I can start running. After putting the kids to bed, cleaning the mess they made, being exhausted and needing to rest 30 minutes before I can move again….. then you get to those hours.

But running at lunchtime gives me the whole evening free. And I can do loads of other stuff. What a dilemma. If I put it down like this, it’s an easy decision. We’ll see. Maybe next week.

Is that a pattern ?

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I started running a few weeks ago, because I realised I haven’t done any excercise in like 3 years or so. I did some biking to work in January, but that ended after they stole my bike. So in the end I decided to start running again. It’s very simple, you only need shoes and proper clothing. No fancy or expensive equipment. And I have done it now at least twice a week for the last 7 or 8 weeks.

So here I went at lunch-time. Normally I go in the evenings after everybody went to bed. Usually that means my run starts somewhere between 21:00 and 22:00. But today I thought I could make some time in the evening for something else. Hence my lunchbreak run.

But will I do it again…. ???? I dunno. The office is located in the center of a few highways, that I have to pass to get to the water and the docks. But that means the air is soooooo dirty with all the fumes I almost puked. Running along the water, fine. That’s no problem. Then a turn into the city center to get back. And that was the same problem. Too much people walking around, smoking, restaurants with open doors with a thick smell coming out their doors.

But I made it back to the office in 1 piece. Will I repeat this ???? We’ll see….. I’ll let you know.