No eyes

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Kids these days… They cannot act normal in front of a camera anymore. Maybe I did too much of it when they were younger and just hate it now. Or… I didn’t do it enough?

Play your own games

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Instead of being glued in front of the tv the whole day and watching football games, we decided to go out and play something outselves. I mean, look how sunny it was. That is unheard of during those Swedish midsummer days.

Pokémon hunting

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This is what happens when you go hunting and run out of juice…. You force dad to go looking for clothes and tell him to go for more. And then another time. “Again. Look again, dad”, because they hadn’t charged enough yet.

Waking up

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Most of the days it takes a while to leave the warm and comfortable bed. Thinking about school and what to do afterwards…

The week

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That has been, was overshadowed by this:


Yes, a happy girl. A birthday girl. And also a girl with a broken arm. Crashed with her bike 4 days before her birthday. You could see right away something was wrong. That arm was just not straight… Plastered it within 2 hours at the hospital. And now last Friday it was time for a visit at the doctor’s. Result: surgery to pull it straight because it could take up to 2 years to let her body fix this on its own. And it might not be straight after all…. 15º does that I guess.

So all you can do is wait from 08:45 till around 15:45 (without eating or drinking – poor girl). Luckily there is free WiFi and an iPad available:


Yes, they marked the arm to be sure:


At the end everything went OK and we were all back home at 19:00, ready to have a “Kräftskiva” with the neighbors.