Another one from last year

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Bad weather or sweat on the lens of the iPhone = bad pictures.

I just reformatted the OS on our PC and I noticed after installing Lightroom again and importing all our photos, that we took quite a lot of photos last year. But almost nothing showed up here on this site. Too busy I guess. But then I noticed that I barely have been posting here at all the last 2 or 3 years. And then I started browsing in Lightroom through the years and realised how much I missed this here. So…. Off to a new start.

A Scary Place

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Hospitals were scary places when I was a kid. I still do think so sometimes. I guess it has to do with the fact that most of the time you go there because of something is wrong with you (or someone you know).

So we had to go there with Zeb today. Nothing serious. Just a quick little checkup on why his feet hurt so much sometimes. And it turns out that all that is needed is some kind of cream. Applied twice a day. Thank you very much.

Technical Problems

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Something is wrong with the GPS. Still … didn’t make it easier for me. It was easy to follow: just bike the 50km around the lake. But I had a bad day. Nothing felt good…. Better next time.

Another Surprise

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We had another dump of snow overnight. And by the looks of it, there was no wind when it came down. It just looks so beautiful. And I wonder how much longer this will last ? Don’t get me wrong, I love this kind of weather, and if it is up to me we will have this for another month or 2.

Taken this morning when I left daycare in our old hood.


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Having too much fun with a new iPhone app: Instagram. It creates very nice photos. My first thought was “oh no, not again an app that makes old-style photos”. But after trying it for 5 seconds I really loved it. More fun than Hipstamatic actually….


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There is a lot of stuff happening lately on the iPhone camera front. A lot of new apps have been popping up. So what else to do than to try them. So I gave the “Hipstamatic” a try and I really liked it. So here are a few shots I made lately:

Hipsta sand

More hipsta

House With Cloud

Flea Market

Parallel universes

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I read this today at Kottke:

Playing on a moving subway train adds an extra level of difficulty to accelerometer-based iPhone games. Not only do you have to contend with the in-game physics, you also need to compensate for the real-life accelerations, twists, and turns of the train. The effect pretty much tears your brain in half.

Which seems very intersting, and means that I have to get a decent game for the iPhone and ride the tram to work one day.